May 22, 2020

Pedigree Grants for Animal Shelters including COVID-19 Grants

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2020 Grant Application Guidelines

PEDIGREE Foundation plans to give up to $750,000 in annual grants in 2020, and hopes every interested dog shelter and rescue will apply. Our vision is a day when all dogs are safe, secure, cared for and loved. 

To be considered for a PEDIGREE Foundation grant to support your lifesaving initiatives, you are require a completed online application.  The application guidelines or application process may have changed since you’ve last applied, so please carefully read the information prior to completing an application. Completion of our application accurately and in accordance with these instructions is necessary to be considered for funding.

What’s NEW in 2020?

• DOGS RULE.™ Grants – there will be TWO awards this year. Also, please note below that the reporting requirements have changed for this grant type.

• Program Development Grants – To support our focus on increasing adoption rates, we will prioritize applications requesting funding for the following types of programs: transport, matching and foster. We will not fund capital campaign requests this year.

• Operation Grants – In early April, Pedigree made the decision to shift this funding into Disaster Relief Grants for COVID-19 support, which are available immediately rather than being awarded in December 2020 like our other grants.