May 15, 2020

Phishing Scams are on the Rise

Cyber attacks and phishing scams are not new, but their prevalence is increasing now during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As more employees are working remotely, their personal computers may not have the strong security measures in place at home that their IT departments require at work, leading to possible exposure to scams and cyber threats.  The Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) Information Technology Department shared the info-graphic below to help explain the seriousness of phishing scams and some tips to avoid them.  In part, it's simply a matter of thinking before you click.  Download and share the graphic here. 

In addition to general safety and security measures, two of KLC’s trusted Cornerstone Partners have helpful articles on employees working remotely.

Sophicity - Six Cyber Risks That Your Municipal Employees Face Working Remotely—and How to Address Those Risks
Crowe, LLP- Three Steps to Secure Home Networks