July 13, 2021

Tree Planting and Urban Forestry Enhancement - Due August 27

Grants of up to $3,000 to Kentucky nonprofit organizations and cities in eligible regions for environmental stewardship and local beautification. Consideration will be given to programs that focus on the areas of preservation, water quality and resources, wildlife habitats, and urban agriculture. Eligible projects must take place in Campbell County.

The district is offering this grant to help cities and communities establish programs or develop projects to protect and conserve natural resources while enhancing the aesthetic value of the natural environment. The project must be carried out on publicly owned or controlled land.

Proposals will be accepted for projects that:

  • Promote conservation of soil and water resources
  • Improve and protect open space
  • Enhance the aesthetic quality of the land
  • Protect and improve water quality
  • Provide stormwater benefits
  • Provide wildlife habitat benefits
  • Promote the use of only native plant species
  • Eradicate exotic, invasive species
  • Promote urban agricultural initiatives (community gardens, etc.)

Proposals will be considered for:

  • Expansion of existing programs
  • Tree maintenance programs, but preference will be given to tree planting
  • Signage for interpretative purposes and identification of plantings, when an integral part of a larger strategy
  • Equipment and other signs, when an integral part of a larger strategy
  • Annual plantings may be a component of a proposal, but should not be the major focus.

Evaluation of community enhancement programs will be based on their long-term benefits to the community. Projects using native plants will be given preference.

See full description and access application here.