March 1, 2023

Grants to Improve Rock Climbing Facilities - Due March 1

Access Fund grants are offered to governmental agencies, land trusts, U.S. organizations, and individuals for projects that promote rock climbing.

Funding is intended to support projects to increase accessibility and opportunities for climbing and to conserve the climbing environment throughout the country. Funds may be used for purposes such as climbing area facilities, educational outreach, research, and advocacy.

Funded work:

  • Is action-oriented
  • Encourages access or enhances opportunities for climbing.
  • Is forward-looking and considers long-term impact.
  • Reduces climber impacts on natural and cultural resources within the climbing environment.
  • Increases our scientific understanding of climbing impact, climbing behavior, and economic impact to further improve best practices for climbing management. All research projects must have a clear plan for distributing and communicating the results.
  • Develops knowledge about natural and cultural resource values, where the information is used to open climbing areas or mitigate climbing impacts.
  • Raises awareness about climber responsibility toward conserving the climbing environment.
  • Considers how the improvement will fit into the climbing resource as a whole and affect all users.
  • Has proven support from a local climbing organization and/or climbing community.
  • Demonstrates inclusive and nondiscriminatory access to the climbing area and incorporates JEDI principles when executing projects.
  • Incorporates a degree of volunteer labor.
  • Uses matching agency and local funds, as well as in-kind support and pro bono services (maximum consideration will be given to projects where matching funds total at least 50% of the entire budget).
  • Is strategic in its targeting and goals.
  • Accomplishes specific goals and objectives that can be effectively measured.
  • Takes place in the United States.

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