June 6, 2024

KLC Recommends Having Professionals Conduct Fireworks Displays

The Kentucky League of Cities wants to help its members be safe when providing fireworks displays. KLC Insurance Services provided a policy enhancement for fireworks coverage that began July 1, 2023, with no additional premium. The coverage has a $1 million limit for each occurrence, subject to a $10,000 deductible. It is subject to compliance of requirements of KRS.227.710. See complete details on the coverage here.

“We recommend that our members hire a licensed pyrotechnic company to conduct the fireworks displays. The company should provide its own insurance and name the city as an additional insured, which will transfer the risk of liability for the detonation of fireworks from the city to the company,” KLC Insurance Service Director of Underwriting Suzanne Reed said. She added that KLC insurance liability policies have an exclusion if a city owns, manages, manufactures, operates, stores, handles, detonates, or for any use of fireworks or pyrotechnical displays. “If you choose to conduct the display yourself, you will not have coverage unless you go through all the steps on the sheet, and that still provides limited coverage. That exclusion no longer applies if you hire a professional.”

Learn more about KLC Insurance Services fireworks policies here.