December 12, 2016

SB 13 Chart - Reference for Cities as They Amend or Adopt Ordinances to Comply

SB 13 Changes To Alcohol Statutes Now In Effect!

The extensive changes to the alcohol beverage control laws enacted by SB 13 in the 2013 regular legislative session are now in effect, and cities should be working towards updating their ordinances to comply with the new requirements.  To help you navigate the new statute changes, KLC has created a chart designed to serve as a basic reference for cities as they amend or adopt ordinances and regulations to comply with SB 13.  The chart lists, in numerical order, the statutes affected by SB 13.

You can use the chart to locate the previous statute number, the action taken by SB 13 regarding that statute, the most applicable section of SB 13, and the new statutory reference numbers, if any.  You will notice that several repealed statutes reference the notes following the chart, which provide clarification and multiple new statute references.  Newly enacted statutes are also located in the chart, in numerical order.  If a statute is not listed on the chart, it was not affected by SB 13 and the language remains the same.

The chart and accompanying notes are intended to assist you with the ABC transitions necessitated by SB 13. If your ordinance and forms reference old statute numbers that were affected by SB 13, you will find them in the chart.  Keep in mind that in addition to a statutory citation, the language in your ordinances will need to be updated to comply with any statutory amendments, repeals, or enactments associated with the old statute numbers.  Additionally, at times city ordinances do not reference statute numbers, but still need to be altered.  Please review your ordinances carefully with your city attorney, utilizing both this chart and the SB 13 Fact Sheet and Informational Guide provided by the state ABC, as you make changes to your ordinances and forms.

You can access the chart at SB 13 Statute Reference Chart.  Contact the KLC Member Legal Services Department with any questions.