June 7, 2019

Youth Camp Update (Again!)

Latest Update on Youth Camps

In 2017 the Kentucky General Assembly passed SB 236 requiring criminal background and child abuse and neglect checks for any person employed by or volunteering with youth camps. KLC’s initial research and discussions with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services indicated that summer day camps operated by cities would now be included within the definition of “youth camp” regulated by the Department for Public Health.

KLC has remained engaged with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to shape how the Cabinet’s interpretations of its regulations impact cities. Contrary to the initial indications and update earlier this year, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services now interprets its regulations defining youth camps to exclude city operated day camps. Obviously the best practices for cities is to continue requiring background checks and child abuse and neglect checks for all employees and volunteers that have contact with children attending city day camps.

To obtain a child abuse and neglect registry check, cities can go to this link and scroll down to obtain form DPP-156.  Instead of checking that the registry check is for a youth camp, fill out the “other” field and describe that it is for a city day camp. Cities requiring a state criminal background check can obtain a copy from the Kentucky State Police, which can provide state conviction records for employment purposes that covers this need.  Go here to request state criminal background checks form.  Please note that there are open records implications for criminal records and abuse/neglect records. Call KLC with any questions on what to release.

Please do not hesitate to contact the KLC Municipal Law and Training staff with any questions or email Morgain Patterson, Director of Municipal Law and Training at 800.876.4552.