December 23, 2019

Resignations and Appointments

Resignations and Appointments

Life Happens.

People are elected as mayor or member of city council, commission, or board of commissioners because they truly and deeply care about their city. But life happens and though that person may have the greatest desire to continue to serve, they may come to the hard realization that they need to resign from their seat as mayor or as a legislative body member.

Resignations and appointments make up a surprisingly large volume of the calls that we receive at KLC. When a resignation occurs, tensions and emotions often are running high. KLC developed this simple step-by-step guide as a helpful tool for our cities to follow.

This "clip and save" article from Kentucky City magazine covers:
Effective Dates
Filling a vacancy on the legislative body
Filling a vacancy in the mayor's office
Mayor Unable to Perform the Duties of Office
Procedure to Fill a Vacancy
Term of Appointment
Notification of Vacancy
Oath of Office

In addition, please feel free to call the KLC Department of Municipal Law and Training at any time at 800.876.4552 with specific questions.