January 8, 2021

Governor Issued Executive Order Containing New Restrictions

Governor Andy Beshear issued Executive Order 2020-968 on November 18, 2020, which contains new restrictions to combat the rapid increase in COVID-19 cases. Effective at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 20, 2020, the new order discontinues in-person service at restaurants and bars and significantly restricts office-based services, indoor social gatherings, fitness center activities, and event spaces. These restrictions remain in effect until December 13, at 11:59 p.m. local time.

City business operations are not directly impacted by the new Executive Order. Paragraph one of the order states that “[a]ll prior orders and restrictions remain in full force and effect, except as modified below.” Previous guidance for office and meeting operations contain exemptions for local governments but encourage the adoption of similar restrictions at the local level. (Healthy At Work) While the new order mandates that office-base businesses close to the public and require employees who can work from home do so, it does not mandate compliance by local governments. Therefore, local government exemptions remain intact, but the six-foot social distancing and facial covering requirements must be followed. (Social Distance, Facial Covering)

Many cities operate community centers and indoor fitness centers. Previous guidance authorized these facilities to operate at 50% capacity. The new order limits venues and event spaces to a 25 person, per room occupancy rate. Fitness centers may continue operations at 33% capacity, as long as the six-foot social distancing and facial covering requirements are enforced. Facial coverings are now required even for individuals who are actively engaged in exercise. Indoor group classes and activities are prohibited.