February 21, 2023

Local Wetland Protection Grants– Due March 27

The goal of the National Wetland Program Development Grants is to increase the quantity and quality of wetlands in the United States by conserving and restoring wetland acreage and improving wetland conditions. Eligible projects include those that develop or refine state, tribal, territory, or local government wetland programs as a whole, or individual components of those programs. 

Each application submitted must address the National Priority Area described in the announcement. Applicants may submit more than one complete application under this announcement for different projects as long as each one is separately submitted and addresses the National Priority Area. 

EPA encourages all eligible applicants to apply and recognizes that new applicants are essential to expanding the pool of service providers able to address the environmental and financial challenges the nation faces. New applicants are applicants that have not received a National WPDG award from EPA in the past four years.

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