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Changes to FMLA Effective March 27 Regarding Definition of Spouse

  This article was published on the United States Department of Labor website at The Family and Medical Leave Act (FM...

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Workplace Violence

Weekly HR – Workplace Violence How to Identify Workplace Violence Before It Turns Deadly Unfortunately, workplace violence does happen.  Your job as an employer is to take steps now ...

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Succession Planning - What is it and how can it help your city?

Weekly HR News – Hiring Practices Succession planning … What is it and how can it help your city? I’ve been asked to present on succession planning at the KL...

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Applications, Interviews and Hiring

If you have a suggested topic for this ongoing series, contact Andrea at 800.876.4552 or by email. APPLICATIONS, INTERVIEWS AND HIRING

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Social Security Number Verification Service

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has posted an updated version of the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS) Handbook for employers. Keep in ...

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Handling Employee Affairs Via Email

Use of Email in City Government – Handling Employee Affairs The use of email by government officials often becomes headline news.  It is important that city officials and employees keep in mind that ema...

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Use of Email in City Govt.

Use of Email in City Government The use of email, especially personal email, by government officials has become the latest in headline news.  Keep in mind that emails are like any other public record in that each on...

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Types of Employees/Employment Relationships

EXEMPT and NONEXEMPT Tracking time for Exempt Employees - 5/28/15 Read More

Salary and Benefits- FMLA, FSLA

SALARY AND BENEFITS Salary and Benefits while on FMLA - Part 2 - 7/17/14 <...

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Romance in the Workplace

Love is in the air!  And unfortunately for cities, sometimes that love can come in the form of those in employee relationships.  So what is an employer to do about these situations?  Some employers choose to enact policies...

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Preservation, Safekeeping and Retention- Part 4

Preservation, Safekeeping and Retention The last installment of this series addresses something that can be disastrous for a city.  If not handled properly, manager desk files can wreak havoc with the city personnel...

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Preservation, Safekeeping and Retention- Part 3

Preservation, Safekeeping and Retention, Part 3 In this, the third installment of the series, we will look at how to handle files of employees that are no longer with the city’s employment and also the hiring recor...

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Preservation, Safekeeping and Retention- Part 2

Preservation, Safekeeping and Retention – Part 2 The second installment of city personnel files will look at what should be contained in the different files and what within those files is subject to open records. W...

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Preservation, Safekeeping and Retention- Part 1

Weekly HR News – City Personnel Files Preservation, Safekeeping and Retention This series will include such things as how to maintain them, what needs to be maintained and what documents ...

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Overtime, Comp Time, Breaks and Special Timing issues

OVERTIME How is overtime calculated? 4/17/14 Read More

Open Meetings and Personnel Issues

Open Meetings and Personnel Issues The Open Meetings Act (the “Act”), found in KRS 61.805 through 61.850, was adopted by the General Assembly to ensure that governmental decision making is handled in the publ...

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